Branigan’s Irish Pub

The Castle Resort prides itself in having a well-stocked Irish pub in Pokhara which offers you a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Be it Irish drinks like Jameson whiskey and Guinness beer, local favourites like Khukuri rum or Ruslan vodka, refreshing cocktails and mocktails or other local and international drinks, our Irish pub has plenty of options to serve you.

Moreover, our Irish pub is the most happening corner at The Castle Resort where we play Irish, local, Indian, and international music everyday. This is where music, dance, drinks and everything in-between happens. Basically, this is where fun takes place!

A guest’s comments:

“Wow! This is truly an Irish pub! Wooden beams on the ceiling, flagstone floor, cushioned benches around the wall and what a view of the lake!”

(He then noticed the bar. Later that night, we helped him to his room!)

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