8 Hours Yoga Program

At The Castle Resort, we always want to provide out guests with the best experiences in everything we offer and yoga is no exception. Yoga should be learnt from an instructor who is not only qualified but also experienced who embraces the yogic lifestyle.

We took a long time to find an instructor with whom we can confidentially introduce our guests who come to Nepal looking for an authentic yoga experience that goes beyond merely exciting poses.

About Jayesh Mistry

Mr. Jayesh Mistry belongs to an Indian family of yoga and Ayurveda practitioners where everyone has been dedicated to a ‘yogic’ lifestyle and has been practising Ayurveda since generations. He started his carrier as an assistant martial arts trainer in 1989 and received his Black Belt in 1992.

After dedicating major years of his career to the fitness industry, Jayesh took a turn back to his roots and gradually he saw himself bending toward learning and exploring what yoga as a field of study and as a discipline has to offer. With a dedicated study, and practice of the practical as well as the theoretical elements of yoga, he stepped into teaching yoga while staying close to the ancient traditions.

About 8-hour Yoga Course

The short-term 8-hour yoga course is a foundation course designed for those who are interested in self development through yoga practice at home. This course should be beneficial for anyone who is willing to learning more about one’s self and their body through yoga, in being able to cultivate a better relation with their inner-self, and who is dedicated to continue practising until that is achieved.

Benefits Of 8-hours Yoga Course

  • Designed for anyone who aims to have a strong foundation in yoga learning or wanting to upgrade their knowledge.
  • If you are planning to join yoga teacher’s training course or other more intermediate and advance yoga courses, this short course will offer you an ideal introduction.
  • The practical aspects of this course (asanas and theories) can be modified according to trainee’s needs and capabilities.
  • Because the sessions are limited to a maximum of two trainees, this course makes it possible for the trainee and the trainer to engage on individual basis for doubt solving and question-answer session.

What Does the Course Include?

  • Pavanmuktasana series for the beginning of asanas.
  • Understanding the purpose the different asanas and its usefulness in achieving different goals including health benefits, meditation purpose, and overcoming stress.
  • Separate theory sessions and practical training which can be arranged in combined sessions.
  • Two sessions by the participant. We believe in method of testing than teaching. If the learner is effectively able to teach whatever they have learnt, only then it can be said that they have understood the things and is ready to practice by their own too.